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€ 99.99*per dev/month

We also have a free plan. 3 developers, basic features.

Free - no registration required

Why go Pro?

Bigger team.
Teams up to 3 developers are free, upgrade for arbitraty team sizes.
More targets.
Two are free, but with pro you get unlimited targets.
Server cloud.
Server to server communication.
Programming languages.
C#, JS & AS3 are free, but with Pro you get Java, C++ (Visual Studio) and all future languages as well.
Postgres SQL is free, connect to ODBC sources with Pro
Pro enables communication debugging of everything that happened. Free is limited to the first two minutes.
Community support is free, but Pro gives you APlay expert support.
Powerful extra features can be bought as soon as required.
Live Debugging.
Connect to the server cloud and debug current communication state.
Mass Testing.
Test scalability as easy as never before.
Automatically get the source code of your generated code.
Performance optimization.
Get special optimized generated code for release.
Mobile optimization.
Get generated code optimized for unity mobile clients using AOT.
Language addons.
C++ for different compilers or request currently unsupported languages.
Pro users can buy additional APlay services.
We build your APlay communication model.
We build a model and prototype server.
Model + prototype + regular reviews.
We build the whole communication system.
Gold support.
Guaranteed answer time of 2 days.
Platinum support.
Guaranteed answer time of 8 hours.

* excl. VAT. Available for companies only.