Focus on your application, not on technical necessities

When you want to create a multiplayer game or a networked application, traditionally you have had to think about what message to send from where to where, how to react to it, how to format the data, marshalling and unmarshalling, different data formats for different platforms and many more tedious things.

With APlay, this changes completely. You simply extend your object model outside of the boundaries of your executable. You only have to think about how you want your objects to behave. And you decide where you implement the behaviour. The transfer of data and control between processes and across networks happens automatically.

So you can spend your valuable time on the logic of your game and not on technical code. And it works across platforms and languages. That's why we also call it "APlay Multiplayer Engine".

Enjoy technology.

We believe APlay is a new paradigm for development in a distributed world, the next generation of network communication:
Leverage distributed objects in your favourite language, a code generator as a service, server clouds and - of course - cross-platform.
Coding with APlay is fun.

The multi-threaded and distributed nature of APlay enabled us to add true multi-server capabilities to a finished MMO game in a few hundred lines of code.

Tobias Sicheritz, Mipumi Games

Exceed your expectations.

When you use APlay, your options expand.

  • Need some data somewhere? Simply pass the object.
  • Want to see live updates? No problem. APlay objects update automatically and tell you about it.
  • Want to know what's happening in your distributed system? Just ask about our debugger.
  • Need to check performance? APlay mass testing makes it easier than ever.
  • Want to access your game's information from a web page? Everything in APlay can be exposed as a Web Service.
  • Your mobile game should continue to work even if the server connection drops? Check out APlay local server.
  • Working with Unity and don't want to bother with network programming? Ask us about the new "no progamming" Unity component
  • Want to do something crazy? Ask us.